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Why We Love Cymbiotika Supplements & What They Can Do for You

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Developed in San Francisco, California, Cymbiotika has grown rapidly from its launch in 2018, becoming a leading supplements brand. Due to innovative solutions and high-quality ingredients, Cymbiotika has been noticed and promoted by multiple publications, such as Forbes, Elle, Women’s Health, and Thrive Global.

With the motto “Your body deserves the best,” Cymbiotika’s high-end health supplements products are mindfully designed and versatile. Among the multiple health goals they target, their organic supplements can help us with:

Weight lossMuscle supportDetoxificationFatigueMental healthMemoryAlertnessFocusImmune systemCardiovascular healthInflammationVitamin deficiency

Cymbiotika founder Chervin Jafarieh has created the brand to inspire people to be more aware of their health and continuously educate themselves. These supplements are recommended by health gurus who believe that we can regain control of our lives through healthy nutrition. Wellness podcasters like Paul Chek or Aubrey Marcus praise Cymbiotika’s products as a way of achieving healthy ageing and longevity.

Let’s take a look at why we love Cymbiotika and what makes them an innovative wellness brand.

Organic And High-Quality Sourced

The ingredients used in the Cymbiotika supplements are organic and wildcrafted, which means they are gathered from natural sources. 

Plants and herbs sourced from organic farms or natural environments are protected from toxins and pollutants such as smog, contaminated soils, pesticides, or heavy metals. Wildcrafted ingredients are not grown with toxic fertilizers; instead, they grow naturally, away from areas filled with traffic and industrial activities.

This type of farming practice not only yields high-quality ingredients good for our health, but it’s also good for the environment, causing less pollution than traditional farming.

Pure Ingredients

Cymbiotika often refers to their products as “pure.” Their products are free of any chemicals, preservatives, GMOs and other harmful additives like sugar, dairy, or gluten. Since the body processes natural ingredients more efficiently, Cymbiotika supplements do not contain any artificial ingredients.

Synthetic nutrients created in a lab are often added to the composition of various health supplements. And the reason is that they can be less expensive than fully organic products. These artificial ingredients are similar to their natural counterparts and are not always harmful, however, synthetic compounds don’t have the same nutritional value and benefits.

Cutting Edge Absorption Technology

Cymbiotika stays ahead of the competition with their innovative technology for superior absorption. The patented Micelle/liposomal delivery system uses the most advanced technology on the market. 

This system helps the body absorb any nutrients faster and more efficiently than other types of food supplements. Micelle polymers and liposomes are designed to deliver the necessary substances to the proper place in the body, contributing to a much higher absorption rate. 

When we take encapsulated supplements with synthetic substances, our bodies cannot process the entire amount of nutrients in the composition. Depending on health, as well as nutritional and lifestyle factors, we might end up eliminating most of the vitamins and minerals we take. 

Due to their liquid formulation, the Cymbiotika liposomal supplements help the organism to break down the right vitamins and minerals with minimal loss. Simply put, more nutrients are absorbed by the body.

Great Taste And Easy To Use

Sometimes, we start on a path for better nutrition, we try to include healthy foods and additives in our diet, but we give up on the way. We’ve all been there. Taking food supplements can be difficult to include in our daily routine, especially if they feel like taking medication. 

But one thing we definitely love about Cymbiotika products is their delicious taste. As a bonus, these organic supplements can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Whether you like vanilla, lemon, orange, raspberry, or blueberry, you can add Cymbiotika supplements to various recipes, from cupcakes and pies to lemonades, smoothie bowls, and energy bars.

Cymbiotika UK

If you are ready to try out these high-end organic supplements, look no further. Here are five Cymbiotika supplements to get you started and what they can do for you:

Liposomal Magnesium L-Threonate

Magnesium is crucial for the functioning of the nervous system, cognitive functions and heart health. This vanilla-flavoured supplement will help you bring the proper intake of magnesium into your body to support brain plasticity, cognitive function, and metabolic processes.

Adrenal Super Tonic

Containing organic guava extract and wildcrafted herbs, this tonic is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. High in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, the Adrenal Super Tonis will help your body deal with stress and anxiety to reduce the risk of disease. 

Synergy B12 – Micelle Delivery

Vitamin B12 is essential for neurological functions, red blood cells, mood and memory, heart health, and bones. Synergy B12 is enhanced by fulvic minerals, the most powerful natural electrolytes, to introduce more oxygen in the body and help you detoxify.

The Omega

Extracted from algae, this Omega-3 supplement is perfect for everyone, including vegans and vegetarians. Omega fatty acid is important for the central nervous system, brain function, and eye health. Since it’s not produced by the body, Omega-3 must be introduced into our diet through food supplements.

Synergy D3, K2, COQ10

Vitamin D is produced by the body when in contact with UV light. An indoor lifestyle and having less contact with natural sunlight can make us prone to Vitamin D deficiency. Containing the world’s only plant-source Vitamin D3 for vegans and vegetarians, this organic supplement is great support for the cardiovascular system, as well as strength and bone density.

We offer a great selection of Cymbiotika organic supplements for the UK, browse through our store and find the right ones for your health goals.

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